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We get it, fighting rising energy costs, inflation, and untrustworthy power companies can seem like an unwinnable battle. But Solar Panels are your silver bullet!

Solar power will lower your cost of electricity, increase the value of your home for years to come, and massively reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. That’s a triple threat of energy independence and that’s just the beggining! 

So in short the answer is: YES! Solar Power in the Bay Area can make one heck of a difference!

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Guaranteed To Give Your Home Clean, Renewable Energy

One of the most common misconceptions when purchasing a solar system is that it’s going to be expensive. In reality, a massive percentage of solar customers experience Zero Out Of Pocket costs. Going solar is one of the most affordable decisions you’ll ever make and is considered a long-term investment. You’re basically pre-paying your electricity costs all up front, and then reaping the benefits for years to come. In addition to taking advantage of federal and state solar incentives, switching to solar can save you even more money. Brass tacks, you will save thousands on your electricity every year.

Solar-powered homes are still “grid-tied,” meaning they must send power back to the utility grid. In the case of a power outage, UL Code requires that inverters shut down and not produce power for the safety of utility workers. Going solar will not interfere with homeowners who have or wish to install a generator. This is why it is recommended that solar buyers purchase Solar Battery Storage as well. The powerful combination will keep the lights on no matter what the energy emergency. Whether that be the next unforeseen forest fire OR if certain energy companies decide to SHUT DOWN the grid because of high wind.

Is it worth installing a Solar System if it doesn't produce 100% of the electricity my family uses?

Absolutely! The best reason to install a solar system is the huge savings that producing your own power from a high-efficiency, premium quality system will generate over time. Your electric bill will be paid for by the electricity you produce with your solar system over the next 30 to 40 years. Not to mention if you do decide to pair your solar system with a backup battery! Battery Storage like the iconic Tesla Powerwall allows you to use stored solar energy whenever you need it! If you are interested in adding a solar battery to your system make sure you choose a contractor with priority access to inventory. With recent supply chain strains and high demand - solar batteries have been harder and harder to get a hold of - BUT if you choose a preferred contractor you will get your battery as soon as your system is installed!

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From San Francisco to Hayward, to San Jose. Bay Area residents know Solar Power is the future.

Whether it’s having the highest growing energy bills in the country, being the most environmentally conscious residents, or the constant battle with a morally questionable power company. One thing is for sure - Solar in the Bay Area makes a difference.

Benefits of the

Solar Home Solution

Based on your energy consumption and the size of your solar system, your electric costs can decrease by as much as 50-100 percent!



With an increased demand for sustainable energy sources, adding solar to your home increases its value, allowing you to sell at a higher price compared to traditional electric counterparts.


As a renewable resource, solar energy significantly decreases carbon emissions. Help make the Bay Area and the Golden State a cleaner place to live for generations to come.

Siege of Fires, Brought to You By PGE

Bay Area residents have a moral obligation to take control of their home energy because sadly power companies like PGE cannot be trusted to handle to electrical grid.

In October 2017, an unrelenting siege of fires broke out in 8 northern California wine country counties. Over 170 fires burned for over two weeks through Mendocino, Yuba, Humboldt, Butte, Sonoma, Lake, Napa, and Solano Counties. The fire destroyed over 200,000 acres and hundreds of homes, causing over $14 billion in damages and $1.5 billion to fight the fire, and worst of all Californians lost their lives. The cause? PGE transmission lines, sagging power lines, conductors, power poles, and neglected tree maintenance.

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Thousands of Bay Area residents have already gone solar!

They are already saving thousands every year on their electric bill! AND have instantly increased the overall value of their home! With over 90% of solar customers ending up with almost ZERO out-of-pocket costs, A Solar System is a no-brainer!

SOLAR POWER Guarantees your home clean, renewable energy for many years to come!

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To be as energy independent as possible, you will need battery storage. When paired with Battery Storage, Solar turns the average American home into a private power plant! You can run most all of your home appliances and keep the lights on completely carefree! SOLAR + BATTERY gives you the freedom to live life on your terms WITH the peace of mind that comes from controlling your power!

Save Money & Stay Prepared


When you go solar it is just common sense to update your roof too, so why not kill two birds with one stone? - Only a select few high-level Solar contractors will install your solar system while installing a brand new roof at the same time! They can offer you the most durable and beautiful roofing options available - backed by an industry-leading warranty!

Don’t Go Solar with an OLD ROOF!


The average American home can attribute up to 50% of the electric bill to its heating and air system. In California, it can be even higher due to record temperature summers! A modern HVAC system can keep you comfortable while significantly lowering your monthly energy bill!  Preferred Bay Area contractors even offer a lifetime warranty on units made right here in the USA!

STOP wasting Money on your Heating & Air