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    BRADLEY G. BARR // Semper Solaris Customer
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    Dan & Tracy Jackson // Semper Solaris Customer
  • Semper Solaris is a rare top-notch, trustworthy, service-oriented company and I give them my highest possible recommendation.
    Thomas B. // Rancho Santa Fe
  • I’m live on Solar and nothing sweeter than watching the SDGE meter go in reverse. It really feels good to buy USA, locally and veteran owned. Companies should really take note on how John handles business because you can’t get any better than this!
    Gary & Claudia L. // Alpine

Going Solarin 3 Easy Steps

Going solar is easier and less complicated than you think, and it saves you money too… LOTS of money. Save big with the #1 Bay Area Solar Company.

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Energy Use & Site Analysis

Our friendly representative will visit your location, provide helpful tips on energy use, crunch the numbers on your usage and determine the best way to deploy your solar array to save you the most money.

Preparation and Installation

We take care of all plans, permits, and engineering and then our skilled technicians will arrive to install your system in just a few short days. We specialize in perfection.

Power on and Enjoy

All of our systems come with easy performance monitoring. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy as your savings rocket sky high.

Semper Solaris is a Bay Area Solar Energy Installation Company dedicated to excellence & extraordinary customer service. California Contractor's License 978152. American products with American leadership!

Solar San Jose

For a maximized energy output it is crucial to let professionals deal with the sizing, siting and installing your solar system. The reason is that panel technology is quite sophisticated and a broad range of tools, not commonly found in households and businesses, is required. Solar panel professionals are best informed and trained on how to boost your energy efficiency while going green.

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There is a number of conditions that factor in the pre-installation and installation process. The first thing to make clear is how much energy you want to produce using solar panels, because that will directly affect the options at your disposal. Some of the questions that should be addressed include:

  • How much space is needed for the panels? (Can they be placed on the roof or do they have to be ground-mounted?)
  • Is there any feature of the landscape that obstructs sunlight constantly or periodically?
  • Are there any regulations and ordinances limiting the type of panels and mounts you can use?
  • Do you want your system to be connected to a grid or not?
  • Are there any safety issues?

Common Solar San Jose solar mount types

Siting and mounting options for your photovoltaic (PV) module vary widely depending on criteria such as size, affordability and convenience. Even so, the main categories are three and they are: flush mounts, universal mounts and pole mounts.

Flush mounts are best for smaller systems. They are typically placed on rooftops and are pretty simple and inexpensive to install. However, they can produce a limited amount of energy as their orientation is fixed and the structure of the design can only support small units.

Universal (roof-ground) mounts are supported on a grid-like structure of mounts either on roofs or on the ground. Their advantage is that they can support large PV modules and are commonly used in areas away from city electric grids. One more reason for that is that their bulky appearance and a lack of aesthetic appeal have made them undesirable in city residential and business areas. Indeed, many cities have regulations banning the installation of these mounts in certain neighborhoods.

Pole mounts come in two variants: fixed and tracking. The tracking pole mount adjusts its orientation depending on the sun, which maximizes insolation, i.e. sunlight exposure.

Other bay area solar companies may improperly mount your solar system. This is why it's critical to hire the pros when installing a bay area solar system.

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